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about us
Green Board is a Taiwanese brand established by GREENON International, a new technology that combines the concept of environmental protection with electronic paper to replace the traditional paper used in writing.
GREENON started to promote the new electronic paper used for replacing traditional writing in the year 2011. It is the first manufacturer in Asia to sell electronic paper. With its popularization and popularization, GREENON International is bound to contribute to building a green and environmentally friendly low-carbon environment. Since 2016, GREENON self-branded Green Board electronic paper has been launched since 2016. GREENON's philosophy is to promote green electronic products to improve the user's life from a humanistic point of view. GREENON can provide international brand new writing experience and communication tools in every occasion that needs paper. Green Board's eco-friendly electronic paper products adhering to the concept of science and technology, green, environmental protection and fashion.

greenboard no paper The combination of paper and pen has long been seen as the quickest and easiest way to write information, but over time people are already looking for better writing tools.The Green Board electronic paper can be realized without paper, or even pen writing, Using science and technology to extend the future of traditional paper is the blend of tradition and modernity. The highlight of this product is the use of low-power flexible LCD technology, the LCD screen from the world's few roll to roll (roll to roll) LCD production line. Not only low power consumption, viewing angle, no polarizer, Rely on external light to be able to show the perfect writing handwriting; high writing accuracy and sensitivity can be comparable to the effect of hard writing, but also directly with your fingernail writing and writing on the tablet, bringing endless writing fun.
Green Board electronic paper passed FCC, CE and Toxicity Certification, Is a safe, green product. Can be widely used in paperless office, business memorandum, family message, text communication, auxiliary learning and other fields. FCC、CE
Human design, respect for nature
GREENON International for consumers to create a green energy environment, providing consumers not only the product itself, we have the advantage we can for consumers to improve the surrounding living environment, energy saving carbon reduction for the purpose of the Earth. The design or product offered provides the best solution in addition to aesthetic considerations, user experience and feelings, the concept of environmental protection and the use of energy-efficient materials.