Model Name Green Board MT 8.5" Green Board MT 10" Green Board MT 12" Green Board 8.5" Green Board 12"


Green Board MT 8.5電紙板 Green Board MT 10電紙板 Green Board MT 12電紙板 Green Board 8.5電紙板 Green Board 12電紙板
Time to market January,2018 January,2018 February,2018 May,2016 October,2016
Origin Made Taiwan Made Taiwan Made Taiwan Made China Made China
Color Black,Blue,Pink,
Black Black,Blue,Pink,
Black,Red,Blue Black,Red,Blue
Size 8.5" 10" 12" 8.5" 12"
Weight 125g 192g 230g 110g 188g
Battery CR2020 or CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 CR2016 CR2025
Lockable erase button No Yes Yes No No
Magnet design Yes No Yes No No
Stand function Yes No Yes No Yes
Hidden stylus design No Yes Yes No No
Customize Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Model Name Green Board Writfun W120 Green Board Writfun W300


Green Board Writfun W120 Green Board Writfun W300
Time to market October,2017 January,2018
Origin Made Taiwan Made Taiwan
Color Black Black
Size 4.7" 11.4"
Weight 110g 330g
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery 1000mAh Rechargeable lithium battery 1900mAh
Touch technology Resistance sense pressure Resistance sense pressure 1024 levels
Storage function No Yes(8G)
Cloud storage Yes Yes
Image synchronization No Yes
Recording function Yes Yes
Wdinwos support Yes Yes
APPLE phone / tablet IOS support Yes Yes
Phone/tablet Computer support Android support Yes Yes
Bluetooth connection Yes Yes
WiFi connection No Yes
USB support Yes Yes
Graphics board function No Yes, support adobe software
Multiple synchronization support No Yes
Cover Yes Yes

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