Green Board Electronic paper | Wireless graphics tablet

Customized Service

A. Green Board LOGO can be replaced by corporate or group agency LOGO
B. Outer packaging can be customized according to the needs of the company or organization
C. There is a lot of demand to be able to provide customized areas

model Green Board Writfun W120 Green Board MT 8.5" Green Board MT 10" Green Board MT 12" Green Board 8.5" Green Board 12"


無線電紙板 Green Board MT 8.5電紙板 Green Board MT 10電紙板 Green Board MT 12電紙板 Green Board 8.5電紙板 Green Board 12電紙板
Custom area Software and internal hardware Nameplate design Positive and negative print logo Nameplate design Positive print logo Positive and negative print logo
Custom minimum quantity 10 1000 50 1000 50 50

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