Green Board Electronic paper | Wireless graphics tablet

Green Board Wireless Electronic board WriterFun W120, the perfect handwriting experience and smart mobile device to connect the type of wireless tablet, the handwriting strokes will be synchronized to the phone, tablet, the write that is, a key storage. Its true writing feel will be applied to electronic signature solutions. More instant upload cloud sharing, life at any time without the "line" imagination!

Writfun W120 電子簽名

Electronic signature


Wireless Synchronize

Green Board 雲端分享

Cloud sharing

Writfun W120 圖檔轉換工具

Writfun W120 Windows Driver and Application
Green Board Writfun W120 Windows driver and application, can synchronize the writing stroke on the tablet to the computer and press the transfer key on the W120, you can sign or picture, directly in the clerical, drawing software paste

Writfun W120 APP

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Writfun W120 APP下載 Android
Android 6.0 or later
Writfun W120 APP下載 iOS
iOS 9.0 or later
Instant synchronization
Writfun W120 即時筆畫同步
Save and share
Writfun W120 即時傳輸分享
Through the W120 APP, after successfully pairing with the phone, the handwritten strokes will be instantly synchronized in the mobile device You can always save or share your creations to LINE, Facebook friends or upload Cloud Drive such as Google Drive, DropBox.